Seven Most Revealing Interview Questions

When candidates are searching for a job, they are always prepared to answer the standard, “What’s your greatest strength?” questions, but what do these questions really tell you about the candidate? To make the interview process more efficient, a more authentic, revealing conversation must be started. An article on Spark Hire gives these seven questions as examples to do just that.


1. What did you learn about us from our website?

If a candidate is genuinely interested in working for your company, they will browse your website before their interview to learn all they can. If they can’t answer this question, they might not be highly motivated to work for your company. This is also a great way to reveal how the candidate interprets what they have read, and their ability to communicate that with you.


3. Give an example of a time you made a poor decision and how you handled it.

These types of questions give the candidate an opportunity to shine and really sell their skills to the interviewer. It also gives you a sneak peek into their previous work experience, how they handled this event, and if they take responsibility to resolve issues.


5. Give me a couple examples of how you show kindness and consideration to your colleagues.

By asking questions that reveal a candidate’s character and behavior, you can gauge how well someone will mesh within your company. This question will allow you to see if a candidate is an active, engaged problem-solver, or if they are more passive and disengaged. Pay close attention to how they tell the story. The details they choose to reveal and how they describe themselves are great indicators of possible performance and what will matter to them if hired.


7. Why did you leave your previous job?

If a candidate was fired, you can get direct insight into possible liabilities before hiring the candidate. If they left willingly and will tell you why, you can utilize that insight when deciding to make an offer.
While performance and job-related questions are a necessity in interviews, if a candidate can go above and beyond and successfully answer behavior-based questions, you can be more confident of their fit within your company and possibly avoid a costly hiring mistake.
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2. What are the top five things you’d be looking for if you were recruiting for this position?

This question allows you to find out what values or skills the candidate finds most important, which can expose a great deal about how they problem solve. It is also a way to tell if they would be a good fit with company culture. A great follow-up question would be to ask the candidate how they rank themselves against those attributes.


4. What is motivating your job search?

Candidates leave jobs for a variety of reasons. If they aren’t getting along with their current manager, or are being pushed out the door due to poor performance, it would be important to take that into consideration before extending an offer. By asking an open-ended question you are more likely to receive an authentic response and get a feel for the candidate’s true motivations.


6. What was indicated as a weakness from your last performance review and what did you do to improve?

This is a quick way to learn if a candidate is willing to take constructive criticism. If they are willing to admit they aren’t perfect and prove they put forth effort to improve, they will probably be willing to be open with you as their future manager.