Are there any fees associated with your services?

No, our services are complimentary to you.

Why do you need my application?

Your application is simply used to verify your qualifications for current opportunities. After we have verified your information, we will work with you to find the best opportunity and then you choose which position is right for you.

Why should I apply through a recruiter and not the facility directly?

Your recruiter will share with you all available opportunities, provide one-on-one service and introduce you directly to hiring managers. This not only saves time but helps you avoid the online application “black hole”. Through every step of the job search process—from how to get noticed, prepare for interviews and even salary negotiation, we are here for you.

Can I reach out to the manager myself after my interview?

If you were provided with their contact information during the interview, it is completely professional to send a “thank you” or “I’m still very interested” note and include your recruiter. We do strongly suggest that you wait for us to gather feedback after the interview before reaching out. You can always send the thank you note to your recruiter and they’ll share it with the interview team.

What if I am not satisfied with the offer given?

That is when having a recruiter might come in handy. We will negotiate on your behalf to make sure you are offered an appropriate salary for your years of experience and education. When the client will not budge, we will move on.

Will I have to pay for my onsite interview?

In almost all cases, your expenses related to traveling to our client for an onsite interview will be paid by or reimbursed to you by our client. Your recruiter will assist you through the entire interview process so you’ll have all the details.

When and how will I be paid?

As an American Consultants employee, you will be paid as a W-2 employee (not as an independent contractor). We provide payment by direct deposit into your bank account every week. You will be provided with online access to view your check stub.  If you’re hired by the facility directly, you’ll be paid based on their policy.

Why is the ASCP Certification so important? I didn’t need it for my last position.

Being ASCP certified is an ongoing learning source for all Lab staff of the 21st century.  Technologies are continuously changing and the ASCP ensures that you have the most up to date knowledge. It also verifies that you are knowledgeable in the areas of Clinical Laboratory Science.