Do you leave interviews feeling like you aced them, but are still not getting job offers? Key findings from a recent study showed many candidates aren’t making their credentials relevant to the job at hand, aren’t standing out, or simply don’t seem to want the job bad enough, according to Workopolis.

Hundreds of advisors across North America were surveyed on this topic, and Workopolis summarized the findings into 10 key points.

Top Ten Reasons People Aren’t Getting the Jobs They Want

  1. Not substantially standing out from other candidates (67% of consultants responded this way)
  2. Failure to apply past job experience to the current opportunity (64%)
  3. Not showing enough excitement about the position (56%)
  4. Focusing more on what they want than on what the interviewer is saying (54%)
  5. Not being prepared for the interview (53%)
  6. Not connecting with the interviewer (49%)
  7. Appearing to be under- or over-qualified (46%)
  8. Not asking questions/not asking the right questions (41%)
  9. Not doing any research on the potential employer (39%)
  10. Lacking humor, warmth, or personality during the interview (33%)

Tips to Combat These Issues

  • Be personable, smile
  • Make sure you are applying to jobs you are qualified for
  • Tailor your application and resume to the position
  • Practice some of the most common interview questions
  • Do your research about the company and the interviewer, if possible
  • Write down questions to ask before the interview, that way you don’t forget
  • Focus on what you can contribute to the organization, not what the organization is going to do for you
  • Send a post-interview thank you note (a great opportunity to show enthusiasm about the position)

Doing these things will not only help you be better prepared for the interview, but they will also set you apart from other candidates and make you more memorable to the interviewer! To view more interview and resume tips, click here.