Without reliable, qualified employees, you cannot serve your patients, their families, and your community. Attracting the right candidates and engaging and retaining your employees is more important than ever. Here are four simple ways you can start to improve your recruiting process.

1. Improve Your Job Postings

The difference between finding mediocre applicants and extraordinary candidates starts with the job posting itself. Most applicants search for available positions using keywords or familiar job titles. Your open positions should be specific, using key words and very detailed descriptions. The purpose is to spark interest in the open position, otherwise, they may pass over your opening. There are four key points that your job posting should always include:

  • Description of the position and requirements
  • Clear explanation of the job duties
  • Brief description of the company and opportunity
  • Concise description of the benefits and intangibles
2. Include Others in the hiring Process

Having others involved in the interview and hiring process gives you a broader perspective and more insight into the candidate. Diverse assessments of candidates increase the odds that the new hire will be a good fit for the entire team. Together, these factors help decrease the chance of a hiring mistake. Having exposure to others during the interview and hiring process also provides the candidate more insight into potential co-workers, team, organization, and culture.

3. Be Consistent

Inconsistent hiring processes lead to inconsistent results. Creating a standardized, repeatable, hiring process helps increase the effectiveness of your recruiting efforts This allows your recruiters and hiring managers to use the same points of reference when making decisions and therefore decreases the chances of hiring underperforming candidates and wasting time, energy, and money.

4. Emphasize Growth

Talented medical professionals seek employers who show their value their employees and professional growth. Painting an enticing picture of how candidates can grow professionally will attract more in-demand candidates.  Not only is employee training and development an important aspect of your organization’s future success, the American Society for Training and Development noted that the chance for ongoing learning is one of the top five factors employees want to experience at work. When you emphasize growth and development opportunities in your recruiting process, you’re building a positive reputation as an employer that cares about its workforce.

Healthcare organizations must attract and retain qualified clinical professionals to ensure a high level of quality care. Every new employee will either improve your company or not—and your recruiting process should be a primary focus to ensure you’re enticing quality candidates to join your team. Try making these four adjustments to your selection and hiring practices and see how it impacts your quality of candidates, and overall recruiting strategy.

Understanding the overall impact recruiting has on the business and then making improvements in hiring efficiency and quality can produce incredible benefits to the organization. The following survey is intended to provide you with insight regarding the effectiveness of your organization’s recruiting process.