My 5 Steps for Writing Better Job Ads

Oct 9, 2017

1. Post an ad, not a job description


The idea here is to give them the basics, not regurgitate the job description.

A lengthy ad will inevitably bore even the most qualified of applicants and that’s not the first impression you want to make.

Ads are punchy, to the point and sexy. Job descriptions are not. Ads use adjectives and pithy, rich descriptions to create a visual for the reader.

Your job is to case the job in the best light to encourage an application.This doesn’t mean you should be dishonest, but rather, shine a spotlight on the best and brightest aspects of the position.


2. Clearly write the most appealing parts of the job


 Everyone that looks at your job posting is looking at many others with the same or similar title.

t’s not an employer’s market right now, as we have seen in the past.

Today’s reality is that the best “deal” wins.

In a competitive job market, applicants want to know, “What’s so awesome about this job?”. So, TELL THEM.


3. Use those key words/phrases multiple times


Whatever it is that is most important in this role, make sure to mention it.

A lot. This will help with the relevance of the job in search engines, but also drive home what you really need applicants to know.

People need to hear a message or fact 7 times before they truly absorb it.  Save yourself time by repeating what is top on your list.


4. Add in a little test for the applicant


Nothing wrong with keeping folks on their toes. Add in a little something extra to see if they really are reading the ad in its entirety. Though this won’t rule someone in or out, it’s a good way to test their attentiveness and orientation to details right off the bat. If nothing else, it’s a conversation point when you do meet.


5. Be yourself, show a little personality


Culture of a company and the personality/style of the direct manager are 2 key elements in any decision to accept an offer. This starts long before they ever meet you and check out the office, though. Show them a little about you and the company by not being like all the other ads out there. Whether it’s descriptive language, a saying, or a funny way to relate important details, do it. In a world of stuffy on-line ads, be the one that reads like a conversation with someone they actually want to meet!

By Carey Martin

By Carey Martin

Vice President

Hi! I’m Carey, Vice President at American Consultants and recruitment pro, if I do say so myself. I have more than 15 years experience recruiting for clinical healthcare staff and have a few things to say when it comes to best practices. Thanks for following along here with me!