Since 1989, we’ve partnered with you and your colleagues to bring you the talent you need, in the way you need, temporary, Per diem, contract and direct hire/perm. As with everything in the healthcare world, things change. They improve based on needs. And to keep up with change, we all must adjust. However, some things just DON’T WORK. I’m sure you experience the same thing in your practice…a challenge that you feel you could fix, but maybe it involves too many layers of approval, or maybe your idea just isn’t “what we’ve always done”. You’ve talked to us time after time about large Direct Hire placements fees…they don’t fit into your model, your budget is strapped at times, and why pay for something that you aren’t sure is a good solution for your practice? We have heard your frustrations, and we understand. So here is the BIG CHANGE:

You’ll no longer out-of-pocket a full direct hire/perm placement fee the day you hire someone. You don’t have to watch the calendar for 90 days and hope that the agency will give you just a bit longer to make sure this is a good all-around fit. You don’t have to wait for the agency to “replace” the person that wasn’t a good fit during the “guarantee period”. We’ve removed all of that!

We will meet with you, see the clinic, the team and understand your true need. We’ll recruit for that person(s) and allow you to interview the finalist(s) and make your hiring decision. You’ll pay $2,000 for that service, upon a position being offered and accepted. 6 MONTHS later, if you’re happy with the introduction and connection that AC facilitated, you’ll pay a retention fee. To retain the person to whom we introduced you, we’ll share with you up front what that cost will be. CLICK HERE TO SEND ME THE TITLE YOU NEED TO RECRUIT AND I CAN TELL YOU THE EXACT RETENTION FEE associated with that specific position.

ALTERNATIVE, HALEY – What I really want to say is the reality is that with people, there is no guarantee…so why pay for it? But could we use that as a more aggressive approach when the drip campaign is in full-swing?