Posting an Ad is Not Enough: How to Create Conversation Among Ideal Job Candidates

Nov 7, 2017

Last time we shared 5 Steps For Writing Better Job Ads, so we know your ads are fine-tuned and ready to be shared with the world. But, news flash: if you didn’t already know, simply writing and posting a killer job ad is simply not enough in today’s digital economy to attract your ideal talent. There are hundreds of other employers doing the exact same thing. 

So far this year, 68 percent of HR professionals reported problems with filling positions – a 50 percent increase since 2013. If you’re experiencing the same in your organization, you have already realized you have to do a lot more than post your well-written ad on a hiring site to get the shining star talent your organization needs. But with all the options for sharing and putting the proverbial microphone to your content, where do you even start?

Posting your job openings and attending career fairs have traditionally been reliable places to advertise, but they may not be enough to find the perfect candidates, especially as the candidate pool is coming from newer generations less accustomed and open to those traditional methods of job searching. 

But don’t be dismayed, there is hope! 78 percent of the U.S. population is active on social media – all within a click’s reach.

But before you jump to just posting away on the company Facebook page, it’s important to ask a few x-ray questions of your organization (and give an honest answer):

  1. Does your clinic have good online reviews?
  2. What does your brand look like on the internet?
  3. Is your culture easily identifiable for potential employees?
  4. What is your current strategy for promoting job openings online?

As you engage these questions, we’ve compiled our top 3 tips to help you rise above the fray. Start hiring better than your competitors with these 3 tips to improve your employer reputation and candidate engagement:

1. Promote your clinic as an employer.

“Employer brand” is the term used to describe an organization’s reputation as an employer. When most candidates see a position they are interested in, they research the company before they apply. What would they see if they found yours?

Company career sites are the most valuable and preferred source of information for candidates when researching an employer. A strong focus on employer brand initiates credibility and will incite interest in those who read about it. Use social media to promote employer brand content and post new job openings to attract and engage qualified candidates who you otherwise wouldn’t reach.

  • Find out what employees are saying about the culture by sending out a survey.
  • Compile positive feedback, write content on the culture, and promote it on the website and social pages.
  • Don’t rely on stock photography to portray life at the office. Capture real-life photos of everyday tasks, interactions and fun events to share on social media.


2. Invest in social media advertising.

It is crucial to have a presence on the social platforms your target candidates are inhabiting. But, if someone isn’t an active follower of your clinic, they may never see the job openings you share. That’s where social media advertising comes in.

Advertising on websites like Facebook or Linkedin allows you to directly target the exact demographic and experience levels your positions require, whether they are actively searching for a new job or not. You are able to expand past your organic traffic and engage users who are unfamiliar with your brand. Your perfect candidate may not even know you exist!

Low budget? No problem. Social media advertising allows for any size budget, although your ads will be seen more if you spend more. For example, set your cost per click to $5 and your maximum daily spend to $30 and you’ll never spend more than planned.

3. Join the conversation.

Posting your own content is critical, but engaging with people on social media should be the cornerstone of your social recruiting strategy. This tactic allows recruiters to learn more about where potential candidates are and have a presence in their discussions.

Consider joining professional and interest groups, follow hashtags to read relevant threads, and comment on current topics. For example, if you are advertising for a Nurse Anesthetist, check online for groups fitting that category and join threads discussing employment. By actively engaging as a thought leader, your organization’s name will become familiar and people will be more willing to reach out.

In this day in age, social media is for more than cat videos and pictures from your recent vacation. It’s a hub that’s housing your next hire – you just have to know where and how to look.


By Carey Martin

By Carey Martin

Vice President

Hi! I’m Carey, Vice President at American Consultants and recruitment pro, if I do say so myself. I have more than 15 years experience recruiting for clinical healthcare staff and have a few things to say when it comes to best practices. Thanks for following along here with me!