We help critical access, rural
and community hospitals
attract and retain talent



In fact, 85% of our clients are just like you…
critical access, rural and community hospitals.

After partnering with us to fill their staffing needs, our rural and critical access clients see a drastic improvement in these areas:

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Increase in quality of care

Increase in patient satisfaction

Increase in employee engagement

Increase in successful surveys

Qualified and Quailty Talent for your Team

Talent that fits your budget

We can help you navigate the financial side as well as offer insight and guidance on shortcuts to savings.

We have the largest candidate database in the industry

Whether you’re looking for interim or permanent placement, our extensive network is available and at your disposal.

We are there for you all along the way

We assist our clients at every step of the hiring process.

You are the champion of your community.

The beating heart of your town.

We are your staffing partner, and we are here for you.