Top Rule to Writing a Resume

It’s easy to find advice online about how to write the resume possible, but sometimes it’s easy to forget the first rule: keep it simple. Your resume is a tool for employers to quickly learn the high points of your skills and experience. While it sounds easy to not go into too much detail, the farther you get into putting your resume together, the easier it is to become too wordy or include unnecessary information. Pro Staff offered these tips to help you maintain simplicity on your resume:

1. Start with a brief summary.

Begin your resume with a one to three sentence introduction summing up who you are and your experience.

2. Focus on transferable skills.

A general rule of thumb for work history is to go back about 10 years. Use concise phrases to describe your accomplishments, and focus on the skills that can be applied in your next job. Education and certifications should be listed last.

3. “The one page rule.”

There is no hard or fast rule about keeping your resume to one page, but definitely keep it under three pages.

4. Declutter

Remove the things that aren’t necessary. For example, volunteer work you did in 2005, or an irrelevant award you won while in college.

5. Use a template

An easy way to keep a resume looking clean is to utilize a template. This keeps the design simple and easy to scan. Click here to view and download our templates.