What is Your Employee Evaluation Overlooking?

Great employees are easy to spot, but hard to find. Most of them are dependable, proactive, and great team players. However, some employees are more than great, they’re exceptional. The qualities that make an employee exceptional often aren’t evaluated on performance reviews, even though they consistently make great contributions to the company.
Here are five signs an employee is exceptional, from Inc., and ways to identify them in a review:

1. They praise others. Praise from a manager always feels good, but praise from a fellow employee can often feel even better, especially if it’s coming from someone you look up to. Exceptional employees are quick to recognize the contributions of others, especially in group settings.

Performance Review Topic: Recognizes the contributions of others on their team.

2. They disagree in private. It’s important to discuss problems when they arise, but some conversations are better had in private. Exceptional employees know this and are sure to bring up sensitive matters at an appropriate time.

Performance Review Topic: Discusses sensitive subjects in a private, professional manner.

3. They ask questions, even when others won’t. Some employees are hesitant to speak up and ask questions. Exceptional employees are great at reading the room and aren’t afraid to ask questions their peers might be afraid to address.

Performance Review Topic: Regularly seeks out information from colleagues and leaders.

4. They like to prove other people wrong. When we’re told we can’t do something, it often lights a fire in us to prove everyone wrong. Education, talent, and skill are important qualities in any position, but self-drive is critical. Exceptional employees are driven by something deeper than just doing a good job.

Performance Review Topic: Handles negative criticism with an open mind and professional attitude.

5. They’re always exploring. There are some people who are always tinkering with things: adjusting a timeline, tweaking a process, etc. Good employees follow processes. Exceptional employees reinvent and improve processes. Not because they’re expected to, but because they just can’t help it.

Performance Review Topic: Provides input on processes to improve outcomes and patient experiences.